Tuesday 15 October 2013

The art wall

I have posted before about Elle's art wall in her bedroom. She finds little pages in old books and adds her own touch to them. I love all of them! Two days ago, she asked to do some more pieces for her wall. I just love the three new ones she has added! Mia did her first one, too, for her wall. She wants an art wall like her sisters, so once her room has been replastered and painted, i shall be adding hers up.

My favourite of Elle's is one of the new ones. She picked out a fairy photo from a nursery rhyme book and added the pressed flowers that my dear friend, Madlyn, sent her in her birthday package. I think they go wonderfully and a perfect way to display them. I just love her little imagination!


  1. She already has such a strong sense of aesthetic which is so lovely and clearly influenced by her mom. :)

  2. this is so pretty and delicate - must be lovely to wake up to in the morning

  3. Ahhh, this is lovely, I think it's great for children to have a space to show off their work,a bit like their own art gallery. Gorgeous! x

  4. She is a very talented young lady, she will be art journalling before you know it (if she isn't already).

  5. Aw :) My smile is very big right now :) Her art wall is so full of whimsy, i was just saying to a friend how i could look at kids are all day. I'm so glad Elle could put the flowers to special use! I think most people i send pressed ones to just frame them or keep them in the desk :) so it makes me a very happy girl seeing them there with the fairies.

    M xx



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