Thursday 15 August 2013


This week has been a bit of a mix. Gilles has been away with work since last thursday but is finally back. We took Elle out this morning to get all of her school uniform! Is it normal to want to cry??

Last weekend, we met up with some friends in London and the girls saw Buckingham Palace. Elle really wanted to meet the new Prince and thought she was going to. She was very upset when i explained to her that she couldn't meet the Prince. We went to Hamley's and Elle got overwhelmed by all the toys and choices and a pirate outside the shop gave her a bunch of balloons to cheer her up! She made a wish later that day and set them off into the sky. I realised how much i love London. Before Gilles and i got married, i would go to London on the train every weekend whilst he worked and just wondered around the markets and charity shops and took photographs. I am planning a day to London this fall, by myself, to just have an alone day and explore the markets and record stores.

I also dyed my hair this week! A fresh new colour for the beginning of Fall. I alternate between blonde and brown and normally end up being blonde again but i am enjoying my brunette hair and will be sticking with it over Autumn and Winter.

On friday, i did a the most exciting photoshoot that i cannot wait to share with you! All will be revealed as soon as i can!!!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! We are picking out some flowers and plants for our front garden and then spending some time with my sister at her wedding venue. She gets married next weekend and i couldn't be any more excited for her!


  1. Such lovely photographs sweet, your little family is the cutest! <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. I love the photos on your blog so much :) Always reminds me that I need to continue to improve mine, in a good way though!

  3. Stunning stunning photos! X

  4. I forget you are that close to the big city!
    How lovely your Sis and my bro are marrying their partners on the same weekend!
    I don't know if you got my email about it all?
    Intrigued to see your latest special shoot darling
    Love kat x

    1. Hello dear! I just texted you about the email :)
      Have a wonderful time on saturday. xxxxxxxxxxxx



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