Friday 12 April 2013

In her memory box: Elle

Both girls have a memory box, as do i ( i actually have three!). I have been storing little things away that i know they will love to look at when they are older to learn more about their childhood.

I wanted to share just a few items from each girls memory box. This is Elle's. I found this box in Tkmaxx when she was a baby. I have kept all her christening cards and any handmade cards that she has received for her birthday or any that she particular loved. The water babies book is an antique book that she got given for her christening and we keep it in her box to keep to safe. She has a selection of photographs that we have been given by others of her or ones from her nursery/pre school.

In the second and last picture, you can see a handmade photo album that my Aunty made Elle of the pictures of her first few days and people in the family holding her for the first time. Her box is full of other lovely little treasures such as a fairy finding kit with the tiniest torch and lots of lovely jewellery gifted to her at her christening.

Does anyone else have a memory box for their children? My memory boxes are full of letters and really random bits i have collected since i was 13 to remind me of old friends. I have a little vintage suitcase of just letters back and forth from me and one of my best friends, Hannah. I love letters and keep every one i am given.


  1. Yes, my mother made me one of these as a child and I have continued the tradition into adulthood! I am not one to keep things, but it's nice to have a tiny collection of little things that meant a lot to me at some point.

  2. Since i have 3 boys i didn't think that they would care so much about little things like that but now that also have a litle girl that is a great idea. I will start right away. Thank u for giving me great ideas. Have a great saturday!



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