Friday 18 January 2013

Friday, i'm in love

This week, we have been having many snow days. Right now, the girls and i are tucked up in bed watching movies whilst the snow is just pouring down. The whole of outside looks like a winter wonderland.

I am in love with Misha lulu, especially this dress.

We are really loving wearing masks in this house. Little bunny masks in particular. I want to make some like these next week with the girls.

Mia is waking alot more in the evenings due to the temperature. We listened alot to Essie Jain when she was tiny and i played it again to her this week. She remembered the songs and just lay listening to them until falling asleep. We love this album, and our favourite song is "i'm not afraid of the dark". I actually have my story told on that second website under bedtime stories section.

A new little etsy shop i discovered. I really would love that acorn house and hedgehog ring!

Mia is such a little artist. If you havent seen the video yet of her painting with watercolours, you should!

Elle LOVES the snow but not being cold!

I want to do some baking next week. I am thinking about trying this recipe out.

It is minus 6 degrees outside so this weekend, i shall be making up a bit batch of soup and a big stew for dinner!

Have a lovely weekend everyone. I am hoping this snow subsides soon, as i am supposed to going to a vintage wedding fair with my best friends on the train!



  1. I love Misha Lulu but cant seem to find a store online that ships to the the UK. And there website needs adobe which i don't have. haha! Lovely post today darling.Fingers crossed the trains are still running for sunday. It looks fine at the min as i've been checking online. I also spoke to the manager of the fair and she emailed me saying it should all be fine. How were the brownies?? Also i love how you do the 'word' for links xx

    1. they have a hello kitty section for littlies :) x

  2. Oh man, that's how I am with snow - I absolutely love it, but I can't stand being cold. Soup and stew are the perfect remedies for colder weather.

  3. I love that little etsy shop too! Love your little blog xx



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