Thursday 17 January 2013

Video: Mia and the watercolours

My little Mia. Her first time painting with watercolours. I shall be taping this art piece up in her room. I just love it!

This was my first ever home movie that i have filmed on my new Canon 600D SLR. There are slight focusing issues, but i love it and i love the detail and i love her sweet face! I am excited to be filming alot more videos now.

Song is These photographs by Joshua Radin


  1. That made my evening sweetie. Love Mimi so much xx

  2. Just lovely! From start to finish. Love the pace of it & how you edited it. The camera is ex! And Mia the sweetest xxxx

  3. it's just so beautiful, keri-anne! i absolutely love seeing little snippets from your magical life! yours girls are like little angels :)

  4. Very sweet. Love her little painting too. Did she do the stripes herself, or was it you starting her off?
    So lovely!

  5. Ah wonderfulness! So beautifully done dear and i love seeing Mia's sweet ways. So peaceful and gentle.

    Maddy xox

  6. Ridiculous story there. What happened after? Good luck!

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