Saturday 19 January 2013

Little songs Vol 2

1. Dick van dyke - Hushabye mountain
2. Secret garden - Sleepsong
3. Essie Jain - I'm not afraid of the dark
4. Julie Andrews - Feed the birds
5. Miriam Stockley - Perfect day
6. Secret garden - Nocturne
7. All angels - Nothing compares to you
8. Essie Jain - What a big wide world
9. A little princess - Kindle my heart

Mia was and still is not a great sleeper. When she was a baby, she would nurse for hours and getting her to sleep at night time was not really an option. She would fall asleep on me but as soon as i put her down, she would then awake. I wanted to share with you a little lullaby playlist that i then made to play and i still play it to her now.

These songs also work on Elle. I am so glad that she still appreciates these little songs instead of being into all the modern music. I am so glad that she doesnt know any words to any pop songs yet and instead, just loves to listen to disney songs or lullabys.

Number 5 (Perfect day) is a really special song to me. It is the song that Gilles and i walked back down the aisel to after we got married. It makes my heart flip everytime i hear it.

I promise you, that if you have a little one and you play this whilst lying next to them stroking their hair or little button noses, that your whole heart will just flip and flip with love for them as you watch them drift to sleep.

Enjoy x


  1. Lovely & thank you for sharing your sweet song list ❥

  2. What a lovely song list, with so many songs that remind me of my own childhood. I think I might have to make a little play list of these to play to my baby girl (and maybe my little boy too).
    I just found your blog and have spent a lovely time reading though some of your posts. What a beautiful blog, I'm your newest subscriber. X

    1. Hello Lucy!
      thank you so much for stopping by. I am glad you like the playlist. I shall be coming over to you blog also xxx

  3. so SO lovely! i adore Dick Van Dyke so much and hushabye mountain is so soft and beautiful.
    feed the birds is one of my favorite songs of all time. i used to play it on the violin with my grandfather playing the piano. you have inspired me to get out my Mary Poppins record and have a listen. thank you sweet!

    Madlyn xxx



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