Thursday 10 January 2013

A picture an hour vol 1


A picutre an hour is a new feature that i shall be doing on the blog. I was inspired by Polly and it was so much fun to do. Our day doesnt really seem exciting, but it is what we do on a regular wednesday.

7:00am (well technically, my day started at 3:30am when Mia woke but lets start from 7). Elle starts preschool at 8am so we all got washed, dressed and Elle and i got ready to leave.

8:00am. I came home from the preschool run to Mia just finishing her breakfast. She then had some story time with her daddy before he had to go to work.

9:00am. Mia and i had a few hours to ourselves this morning. We played on the rocking horse, we danced and we did some drawings on her chalkboard in her room.

10:00am. Mia and i went to visit the ducks at the river and walked around the park before heading up to Elle's preschool to pick her up for 11.

11:00am Elle wanted to walk home via the river and park so we had another little stroll before visiting the river and then we popped into the store to pick up ingredients to make pancakes for lunch.

12:00pm We had pancakes for lunch and then we had to go straight back out to walk the 2 mile walk to Elle's gymnastics class. Its a lovely walk along the river.

 1:00pm Elle went into her gymastics class whilst i had to entertain Mia for the hour in the parents room. I had literally seconds to take this picture before having to chase her again as she has figured out how to open the door and get onto the staircase! Monkey!

2:00pm/3:00pm On the walk back from gymnastics, we always stop by the store for their weekly treats. Elle always picks out juicy monkey and she always picks Mia out the mixed bag. We got home and Elle requested to watch some old black and white childrens programmes. I put on watch with mother. The woodentops is Elle's favourite, especially this episode. The girls watched the films whilst i checked instagram and did some housework.

4:00pm. Mia normally naps straight after lunch, but as we had gymnastics, she missed her nap. It got to the point where she had taken herself up to her room, rubbing her eyes, so i just put her down for a  power nap. Elle and i climbed into my bed and she played some games on my phone and then i helped her with some learning aps. We then met up with my brother and popped to the store to get things for dinner.

5:00pm I had my best friend over in the evening, so i prepped our dinner whilst the girls had cheese pasta. My friend came over. I then put on some music and the girls had a dance in the living room.

 6:00pm I put Mia to bed and then sat down for dinner with my friend.

7:00pm Gilles put Elle to bed and me and Laura settled down for a night of re-designing and organising her blog. It was such a lovely evening and we were still working on the blog until 10:30pm! Gilles went to the store for us to supply us with chocolate and sparkling peach water to get us through.

Well this was so much fun. I am excited to do more in the future and look back on these.


  1. I love this!(:
    The picture that they sat on the sofa is beyond adorable!Two truly fairies.
    In addition, a great and beautiful mother.♡♡


  2. I actually got a real stab of envy over the pictures of where you live, isn't that terrible?! It's beautiful. Love the idea, I may have to do it soon!

    1. Oh no darling, where i live isnt all that great. i live on such a busy road opposite a superstore!
      oh yes you must! i hope you are well and that little baby in your tummy :) x

  3. Hello. Oh thank you for coming by. I shall be coming over to yours now x

  4. Your girls are pRECious! :-) Found you via Casey Wiegand!



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