Tuesday 8 January 2013

Woodland princess


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I am so in love with my new camera. It has sparked a new passion to photograph more for myself and to try out new ideas. I am going to be shooting a lot more children's nursery inspired photographs to sell in my etsy shop. It is an exciting venture for me as i love photographing fairytale style pictures so to create sweet pictures for little babes is an exciting prospect for me. I want to be able to create artwork for my little ladies rooms also.

Once again, thank you for everyone who has supported my move over to this blog. It looks exactly the same as the other blog and all the posts and comments are over here too. Thank you for following and continuing to read. There are still a few little tweaks i need to carry out so please bare with me while i get myself settled into my new home.

I have a new blog button on the right side here. If anyone is interested in a button swap, please comment here or email me at gingerlillytea@yahoo.co.uk  



  1. What's the difference between following a blog on our blogs and adding a button? Can you show me tomorrow?:) xx

    1. Of course darling. adding a button is what i have done on the right hand side when you add a button on your blog that links to a blog. We shall make you one tomorrow and ill go through it with you x

  2. Ekk these photos are beautiful :) Happy 2013 dear! x

  3. these pictures are soooo pretty. i think they're some of your best yet xox

  4. wow so beautiful and dreamy, love the photos



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