Sunday 13 January 2013

DIY: Pressed flower pictures

In the summer, my friend Kat sent me some pressed flowers from her garden. I made a little picture in a frame with them and it has been on my fireplace ever since.

This week, another of my dearest friends, Madlyn, sent me some pressed flowers from her garden in America. I had some flowers already in my flower press from the summer when Elle and i went on an adventure to the abbey gardens and picked some flowers.

I decided today to make another picture from these flowers. Madlyn sent a little pouch especially for Elle so she made her own little pictures.

For the main picture, i found a frame at the pound shop and used a piece of cream card as the background. I then arranged the flowers as i wanted and stuck them down with a dab of glue and then put in the frame. It is so simple and easy and looks wonderful hung up, especially in a little girls room or babies nursery!

I found some tiny canvases in the pound shop a while back and i was saving them for the right project and this was it. I put all of Elle's flowers in a bowl for her and a few extras out of my flower press and she arranged them and glued them onto her canvases and they look wonderful! Don't you think? She is getting some book shelves in her room this month, so i shall have them sitting proudly on her shelves.

You will need:

-A frame, any size but i used a 12x8 for this one and a 10x8 for the first one i did.
-A piece of card. You can use paper if you wish also but i found card was easier to stick on and sturdier,
-Pressed flowers.

1. Arrange the flowers on the card how you wish.
2. Place only a small dab of glue in the centre of where the flower will go. I find this looks nicer when the sides of the petal/flower are still free so they dont look so flat.
3. Once the glue is dry, hang in the frame and then place whereever you would like to make look pretty!


Keep you eyes peeled tomorrow, as i shall be pack with an AMAZING giveaway for you all from one of my favourite online shops!

Keri-Anne x



  1. Yay! This is such a fun project my dear! lovely lovey. :) What fun to see Elle working on her project too.
    I love how Kat, you, and i have connected even through our gardens. :)

    Madlyn xxx

    1. I am so glad you love it. Elle was excited to have our own flowers from you. I hope we did you garden justice and yes its wonderful. When we have spring and our flowers bloom, i shall be sending you some too x

  2. oh, how cute! i found your blog through instagram, and i adore it so much! the pressed flowers here are so lovely.

    lindsey louise

    1. Hello, thank you so much for coming to my blog x

  3. Yay, my petals look right at home in that frame and your new picture is beautiful too.
    And I'm so pleased Maddy shared hers with you and Elle too. It's a way for us to share our love of flowers and petals without being able to share the flowers fresh.
    I really need to get a flower press sorted before the flowers start coming. I just used tissue and books and I don't think it worked so well on certain types of flowers. They need blotting paper.

    Love kat x

    1. Hello dear K.
      Oh yes you must get one. We love ours and they dry within days in the press.
      I shall be sending you petals when our flowers bloom. I love the idea of us all sending each other bits of our gardens. its like we are sending bits of our hearts to each other x

  4. Hello, i am following you now via GFC. WOuld love you to follow back x



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