Tuesday 17 July 2012

Sesame and Lilly

A few weeks ago, i won a giveaway by Sesame and Lilly for these four prints. I knew straight away that i wanted to put them in Mia's room. I am just in love with them. They are A4 size and fit perfectly above her cot. Each print is only £6 and can be purchased here.

At at the moment, i have just taped them up but i want to find some nice thin wooden frames to hang them up with or some lovely floral washi tape. Mia approves and points at them alot and babbles away.

Oh, and of course, these prints are completely complimented by the sweet little girl in the cot! 


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  1. Lovely prints - lucky Mia! We could maybe look for some frames on holiday? Or you could try what I did for my "Art Wall" and mount them on pieces of black (or maybe damson-coloured?) card, using photo corners? (try Colemans!)




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