Wednesday 18 July 2012

Heart of a butterfly

                                             (all pictures are by Kat from Secretsofabutterfly)

A few weeks ago, i spilt a whole pint glass of vanilla milkshake on my laptop. It instantly died and hasnt turned on since. I spent just over a week without a laptop. I missed blogging, i had photos on my camera that i wanted to edit and view.
I had the kindest offer by Kat from secrets of a butterfly blog. She offered to send me a laptop. I was so blown away by her kindness and her beautiful heart. I have said thank you many times but there are still not enough times i could say it! I am eternally grateful to her and she is the kindest soul and a wonderful friend to me.

Kat, there are no words that i can say to get across how thankful i am.

Secrets of a butterfly



  1. What a kind friend! You don't deserve any less, but how lovely to have the blessing of such kindness!
    So pleased for you. I'm sure Kat will have a reward soon, from somewhere!

  2. Kat sounds like such a sweetheart! It's wonderful to have friends like that in your life xxx

  3. Keri-Anne
    It was such a lovely thing to see my pics up at your blog. My little window sill of flowers sitting in your world :) Made my heart smile, so often your posts and pics do that. Your friendship is a beautiful blessing in my life. Sharing my days, my posts, & my instagram pics with you gives me so much.
    The laptop I must say was sitting quietly these past few years, I had initially used it lots, but then a year or two ago, I got a little netbook, mainly because it's much lighter weight and i could manage it much easier (being unwell i often needed help to lift out the laptop which was limiting)

    So you see i'm just so pleased that I was able to help you out and give it a good home both at the same time. :) I know how much you love your photography and blogging and I was going to miss you muchly if you'd had to be absent long girlie ;)
    Love ya, kat xox

    1. I love you too darling!
      I am so pleased this made your heart smile. Anything i can do to make you feel happier and better :) x



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