Monday 16 July 2012

Family time

Yesterday, we managed to have some family time. Work and other plans seem to get in the way and days like this seem to become rarer and rarer. Its lovely to just be together and have fun. We went to a dragon boat festival at the river right by our house. There was a fun fair for Elle (who wanted to go on everything) and she had a complete blast. I often forget to take my camera out and only really manage to get snaps on my iphone so i am glad i remembered it and i need to make an effort to take it out more. I love capturing these sorts of days and these sort of moments.



  1. THis looks like such fun. Your pictures make it look so peaceful too even though I'm sure it was a noisy chaotic day

  2. Can't believe you took these with your phone. You are a beautiful photographer.

  3. Clever photos. Your girls are so lovely. I remember you at the fair, when you were little like Elle...



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