Friday 13 July 2012

Friday, i'm in love

I have my eye's on these boots and shall be getting them in the next few weeks! They are not the thunderbird moccasins that i want but i love them all the same and they are ALOT cheaper!

I have been on the receiving end of some kind gestures recently. This lady and this lady are just wonderful!

I sorted out my closet yesterday and it is completely full of dresses yet i still feel like i need more! I shall be doing a post soon on my dresses. I have gotten some lovely ones recently!

I am in love with this shop. I received one of the acorn pouches as a gift for my birthday.

I have a second instagram account for my candid everyday photos. Search iwasthesea

I saw the Katy Perry documentary at the cinema on tuesday with my friend and i am not ashamed to admit it. I loved it!

I doing the 30 days shred. I am moved onto level 3 yesterday evening and boy did i feel it. i love doing it. I have seen a big change in how toned i am.

Mia has slept through until 6:45 three nights in a row! that is a BIG deal. she has NEVER slept through. i am hoping she has had a taste of the good life and has decided that sleeping IS a good idea. Fingers crossed.

Today, we are taken Elle to see Angelina Ballerina at the theatre. Her daddy is the senior stage technician backstage so Elle is going to meet her afterwards. She is busy drawing her a picture right now to give to her! She makes my heart melt.



  1. Aww...Elle meeting Angelina Ballerina, how lovely for her! I hope she has had a fabulous time!

    Love your posts about what you like and what you're doing. So nice.

    Yay for Mia! And for you - more sleep at last! XX

    1. She had a lovely time, she is so lucky to have gotten to see them and i hope she remembers it when she is older like i remembered going to the theatre with you :)

  2. Those moccassins are lovely hope you get them soon.
    And thankyou for the link mention darling and for missteapot's shop too.
    Maddy's mum Cheryl makes the acorns and Maddy makes some of the other
    lovely things there.
    The tutu's are wonderful I think.
    Kat x

    1. Thank you for stopping by darling, i love those boots so much! They only have the grey ones in our local h&m which i have tried on. i am after the brown ones so hoping to order them next week in time for my holiday at the end of the month :)
      You are welcome about the mention :) i have a blog post up my sleeve that i hope you will like also.
      i love Cheryl and Maddy's shop and MAddy is so lovely on IG x

  3. Those moccassins are rad, adding them to my wish list too.

    1. i love them and they are SO cheap. They are so similar to the ones on the minnetonka website but alot cheaper and just as nice :) x



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