Sunday 22 January 2012

Learning to be patient

Today i made jam filled cupcakes. Oh yummy yum! It is very simple to do. I just made up my basic vanilla cupcakes and when they were cool enough from the oven, i made a tiny hole in the top of the cupcake and piped in the jam. They do taste wonderful along with the vanilla flavouring.

I have been inspired so much lately by two wonderful blogs. Dottie Angel and Posy. Such wonderful ladies. I just feel the need to go to a craft shop and buy anything and everything possible to start crocheting and embroidary and making cushions and garlands for every corner of the house.

I have been thinking alot lately about the path i am taking in life. I would my most happiest, i think, just pottering at home making things and gardening and baking and just making our home - pretty! It is so hard finding time though as Mia is not a very good night sleeper and by the time i have got the girls to bed, i am completely exhausted. Right now, i just wish i had the energy to hem a few more dresses and make up some bunting. I am just going to have to be very patient and know that i have years and years of crafting ahead of me. Eventually, i will be able to just sew up a cushion in an hour or crochet a blanket or string some bunting together without having to do it along side youtube videos and tutorials. I just need to learn to be patient.



  1. Those cupcakes are so, so sweet!
    I must make them :) xx

  2. This stage in a mummy's life can be frustrating. Little children do demand a huge amount of time and energy. I suppose you need to make the most of any spare time you do get, make sure you get as much sleep and rest as you can manage and try to stick to a routine with the littlies, so that they are learning good habits (as far as possible!) for later on - after all, they will both get bigger and start nursery/play-group/school, at which point, good habits for bed-time and getting up etc will be so useful (and important!). You will get your evenings back at some point and if you persevere with Mia, she'll start to get used to being put to bed and expected to stay there - even if she doesn't always go straight to sleep, you can encourage her to remain in her bed with a couple of soft books and toys to amuse her. It takes time and patience, but you will all get there...
    I'll do my best to come and help you learn some crafting and sewing skills. XX

  3. Cute Cupcakes! Love your blog....Found you on Top Baby Blogs! I am there too :)

  4. Adorable cupcakes, so fluffly and light! Love the teapot on top :)



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