Friday 20 January 2012

Mollie Makes Ten

You must all know of my love by now for this wonderful magazine. I was counting day the days for the next issue to come and yesterday it did! I do believe it is one of my most favourite issues yet.
I feel so inspired to crochet and knit and sew my little heart out. Mollie Makes never ever fails to make me smile and yesterday i was feeling quite poorly and i was completely cheered up with my purchase.

This evening i am making some garlands and searching ebay for some pretty floral vintage wallpaper for my closet.



  1. this magazine is so fabulous! i am going to have to look into getting here in the states! i have seen it on a few of my British friends blogs including you know and i want to hold it in my hand with a hot cup of tea and just take it all in!!!! enjoy deserve it...hugs!

    1. hello darling,
      oh you must! It is so very very lovely xx

  2. Ah, you picked pretty much all my favourite pages too!
    It's a gorgeous issue isn't it, hope you are doing better darlin
    I am pretty tired but smiley as iced some of the gingerbread biscuits
    Kat x

    1. hello sweetpea.
      thank you for commenting :)
      oh how lovely for you!! baking is such a wonderful thing to do. i am so glad you have had time xxx

  3. I've just ordered my copy (especially after spying Elsa Billgren's house in there!) x



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