Thursday 26 January 2012


Dear Mia

You turned 10 whole months two days ago. Thank you for making the last ten months the most amazing months in the world.
You are such a contented, happy little girl. You are not interested in all these silly milestones. You really couldnt care less about trying to pull yourself up or trying to walk. You have only just started putting weight on your feet, but that isnt all the time.
You perfer to just laugh at your sister or smile at who ever is with you. You have such an infectious smile.
BUT, you are SO clever. You can say words. You can say mum, daddy, cat, bye, bye bye, hello, hi and hiya and last week my friend asked you what your sister was doing and as clear as day you said "ballet". We were in disbelief so asked you again and you just looked at him and said ballet! And she was, she was doing her ballet dancing in her Belle dress around the front room.
We are just so proud of you. When we ask you for kisses, you make a kissing sound and then giggle. When i hold you and say awwww, you put your head on my chest and say awwww back.

You are still such a milk baby. You cannot get enough! As soon as bedtime hits, you are shouting at us for milk and fall alseep within seconds when you start drinking.

You are sleeping a tiny bit better! You are still wanting milk at some point in the night and i know that if i dont dream feed you before we go to bed, you will be awake in the early hours crying for your milk. You like to also wake to come in with us and then snuggle yourself down and fall back to sleep. Its so amazing waking up and seeing your tiny face. You are cheeky though and take your dummy out in the middle of the night, hold it above your head and drop it down the back of the bed so mummy has to crawl under the bed with her phone as a torch in search of your dummy! I really should get a dummer holder to attach it to you so i dont end up doing this five or six times a night!

Your favourite things, the fireplace and the catflap!! I have even caught you getting in with the cats and eating their food!!!! i cannot turn my back for even a second with the speed you commando crawl around.

Mia, we all love to so so much! your sister said that i was allowed to marry you today (as, of course, she is marrying daddy when she is older and i have to marry you!). She gets upset when she doesnt know where you are and always looks a little lost when you are napping. She tells everyone when we are out that you are her sister and she gets so excited when you do something new. "look mummy, Mia is doing it!!!!" in her high squealed excited voice. She even lets you play teaparties with her, so she must love you!

Love always, your mummy, daddy and big sister, Elle x



  1. She is beautiful!!! Growing so fast!

  2. oh dear, she is so beautiful

  3. Very sweet, and adorable pictures :)

  4. awww congratulations! she's getting even cutter! Love her lovely eyes! Best wishes for the next months

    1. oh how lovely of you! thank you. i love her so much x



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