Monday 2 January 2012


Elle still has her changing unit in her bedroom which we will be taking down this week. We wanted to create a reading corner for her with lots of lovely floral fabrics and a hideaway fort that she can sit in and read. She just loves her books. I havent found the perfect fabric yet and still scouring charity shops to find some. We saw this lovely colour your self play house and got it for her for christmas.

She just loves it! A colour yours elf playhouse!! She is in heaven as she just loves colouring. Of course, mummy and daddy helped alot (we just couldnt help ourselves!) and she now has this little house of her own to go in the corner when we take down the unit until i manage to find the fabrics for her fort.



  1. This is so sweet!! I love this idea for my little girl. I build her a tent in the house with blankets and pillows. I put her tea set and dollies inside. Looks great so far!

  2. Such an amazing idea!!! I wonder if it's too early to introduce this to my baby at 4mths haha! Such a great way to get them involved!!

  3. That's such a gorgeous fun idea :)

  4. How lovely! I remember how much I loved hiding in a den under the table, so she'll love sitting in here with a story book. Add a couple of cushions and she'll be a happy little fairy!

  5. I LOVE this! I saw one of these houses while returning some things last week and almost bought it. Maybe I will and save it for Isabelle's birthday, it's just so lovely!

  6. Thank you everyone so much for all of your comments. Xxxxxxx

  7. oh love, i used to be a follower of yours on livejournal years and years ago, and i am so pleased to have found you once more.



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