Sunday 1 January 2012


I dont normally make resolutions. If i do, they normally are something about getting fit, losing weight etc. This year, i have so many lovely plans. Things i really would love to achieve.

1. Get my vintage shop "Ginger and Lillys Closet" up and running.
2. Plan and go on lots of lovely dates with my husband. We hardly have time to ourselves.
3. Upgrade my digital SLR
4. Take lots of photographs. I used to be always out on shoots with just myself and a tripod with little Elle in the buggy. Now i can just have Mia in the buggy and Elle has chief helper!
5. Bake!!! I want to make everything and anything i can find.
6. Make lots of home movies of the girls. My wonderful husband bought me a video camera for our wedding anniversary present and i havent filmed as much as i would like. I dont want to miss anything!
7. Sew!!! Again, i want to sew as much as i can. I want to make the girls whole new wardrobes.
8. Make as many fabric bows as possible to make my own little range of bow tie brooches.
9. Make sure the girls get lots of playdates. I have so wonderful friends with children, but i always seem to get myself too wrapped up in tidying and doing things with the girls.
10. Read every single book by Francesca Lia Block. I re-read my favourite of hers, Ruby, on thursday  and forgotten how much i am just in love with her writing.
Happy New year to you all from The Pink family (and yes, Pink is our last name if you didnt know!!) x



  1. Such a beautiful post, I hope this year holds lots of wonderful things for you and your beautiful family! Happy new year xoxo

  2. Happy new year! Those are great things to achieve! In our sea of love

  3. We are up for helping with number 9 :D x



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