Thursday 5 January 2012


I tend to be a daydreamer. I think i always have been. I am writing constantly in my notebooks and making up stories in my head as i walk along. Photography seems to be such a huge outlet for me to get these stories from my head into an image. I have been thinking recently on how i can express these dreams in my head in a better way. I want to create images that share stories of being loved and being lost and being innocent. I want to take as many of my own memories as a child and create as many pictures as i can to capture how i felt at that time.

I spent hours yesterday just typing out words/sentances/song lyrics/short stories and quotes from books to use as inspiration and, essentially, started my first project. This year, i will be creating photostories based around my short stories that i write and my very own dreams and memories.

I used to share my writings alot through an old blog on livejournal but i havent ever shared anything here. It is just silly sentances really that just pour out more and more as i write. Normally words about pirates and sailors and hot milk.

Today was all about breathing, listening to every breath to make sure that suddenly you don't stop. To feel all the melodies around your bones and to sail across oceans in tin cans with seaweed stained cheeks and a stomach full of berries. I have been wishing that my blood would be lemon milk.

Your tears remind me of dewdrops on thunder mornings and i wanted to tell you that you still look beautiful even though your brittle heart is black and i wish to bring you flowers flowers flowers.

You know that feeling you get after you have stared into the sun for too long and your eyelashes turn into beads of glitter glue and dewdrops and tiny gold horse hairs? then you can see dust trails dancing around within the rays. i like to think they are fairy dust or babies tears.

I want to capture everything. I want to create as much as i can and write and write until everything i feel and dream, is written down.



  1. Gosh, that piece of writing is beautiful x

  2. A beautiful piece of writing. Its so lovely to see your creations again. xxx

  3. Waw, I love it! Write more, please! :)

  4. There is always more isn't there, more to write,or create, to photograph, to see,to feel.... I don't think that you will reach an end, but I think that for 2012 you are making a new beginning and I look forward to seeing where it leads you and what stories you tell.
    Your words are poetic, and full of your fairytale spirit
    Love kat x

  5. The mix of photography & stories is really great. I also used to share all my writing on live journal, but when I started really blogging I stopped sharing those things. This is great inspiration for the new year! Thank you :)

  6. thank you all so so much for your lovely comments about my writing. I would love to share more!

    Kat, thank you sweetheart. This is such an exciting time and i feel so inspired and the girls are driving me to acheive this.

    Angela, you should share! I would love to read x

  7. Hi, new reader here!

    So glad I found your blog, your writing is beautiful and that picture is stunning!

  8. I'm new too, and totally agree with Jennifer. Your words create smells and textures in my mind and I am very much looking forward to listening to more of your stories and following your journey.

  9. Hello Jennifer and Laura. Thank you both so very much for your kind words and for following xxx



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