Wednesday 14 December 2011


I am just trying to catch up with our advent activies due to my laptop being out of action for a few days.

Day 11, lets make some pretty snowflakes.

Elle has a paper book full of her drawings and scribbles so we picked out a few pages and used them to make her snowflakes. I left her to her cut her own shapes and she did amazingly well! We strung them up as a garland, put a little doilie in the middle and tied them up with lace. Elle also made a snowflake tree hanging decoration for our next door neighbours.

Here is the strung garland on the mirror above our fireplace.



  1. I love your advent calendar, I can't wait til my little girl is old enough that I can make one of my own!

  2. i loooove your blog! i cant wait till my baby is big enough to do all this stuff with too! for now she's my little mannequin :0)



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