Tuesday 13 December 2011

Let's decorate a lonely tree

I havent managed to post in a few days as i had a nasty virus on my laptop. It is now all ok so i will be catching up with the last few days of adventures.

Today was day 13. Let's find a lonely tree and dress it up like a christmas tree!!

We went down to the river with a basket full of tinsel and baubles. Elle picked out a tree she wanted to decorate and we got to work.

And that is how we left it. So if you are near my town and take a walk along the river, you might see a lonely tree all glammed up as a christmas tree!!



  1. What a lovely and original idea! I'm sure your little girl loved it :)

  2. oooh thats so lovely!! and Elle is looking so grown up and pretty :) x x x

  3. So cute! I bet the tree is much happier now :)

  4. Lovely lovely photographs and a beautiful thing to do.

  5. LOVELY photos, and what an absolutely perfect idea! I found your blog on Kelly's (Our Footprints on the World). I love it already, because you have a little girl with curly red hair (I have curly red hair myself, and my husband and I hope to someday have a daughter with my locks!) so I'm your newest follower. Plus, from what I can tell, you take pretty amazing photos.

  6. Great idea! Your photos are fab. You should really do this as a job...
    Love the red beret - her whole outfit looks like a little Victorian miss!

  7. Lovely idea, thank you for brightening my day.

    Sam x

  8. It's pretty for now, but it's best not to leave those bulbs there if they are breakable because they will fall and the shards could get eaten by animals.

  9. Love that idea, may have to do that to a random tree around here :-)



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