Tuesday 6 December 2011


Day 6 in Elle's calendar today said "Today, you will see some magic happen"

When i was younger, i used to love playing with this three dimensional edwardian dolls house. It was at my grandmas house and i would forever be playing with it. I was always so amazed at how it started out as a book and then turned into a dolls house! To me, i thought it was pure magic.
I had this book in my bedroom and a few days ago, i came upon it again and i just knew that Elle would love it as much as i did!

She read her love letter and then we came upstairs to find the book. I handed her the book and said it would magically change into a dolls house. When i opened it up she was completely in awe! She carried it into her room and there she stayed all morning, playing.

And yes, she is still in her pjs with odd socks on! We had no plans to go out so why get dressed? I must admit, as i was taking these pictures, i was completely sporting a mismatch on pj bottoms, odd socks and my husbands t-shirt!

I have also a new facebook page for this little blog. I am changing the name to just "Sweet Days". If you would like to "like" my page and keep up with all the posts, giveaways and features, then please visit the page here



  1. I have never seen a book that turns into a doll house! Wow! That is really neat.

  2. I live in Oregon and I'm not sure where I got it, but growing up I had that exact book- not even kidding. I totally recognize the little rugs and people and everything. I used to use kitchen clips to clamp mine open because the ribbons didn't work very well.
    Wow! Seeing that brought back some wonderful memories. What a great idea, I will have to dig mine up when I have children :)

  3. oh! how exciting! my daughter had the same book! the look on Elles face is PRICELESS!!!!!

  4. That is amazing! I never saw a book turned into a doll house either.. :(

  5. it is incredible - every single mum on this planet should put as much effort into making their children happy as you so!!! thanks for showing us how great you are. (but please don't be too strict and think about yourself from time to time, as well.) //love, liz.

  6. I meant: as you DO. :) (liz.)

  7. This is a book of dreams! I saw something like this new in a shop once and thought that was magical, but this is such a beautiful treasure. Hope work went well today and you get time with your little ones this evening xxx

  8. This is such a lovely and beautiful blog!



  9. I love this post - I had totally forgotten that I also had this dollhouse book as a little girl, some lovely memories. Thanks. X



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