Monday 5 December 2011


I go back to work this wednesday, so Mia had her final settling in session today at nursery. She was there for two whole hours so i had two hours free with just my biggest girl.

Elle came down this morning to a little love note in her number 5 stocking on her advent calendar which told her she would be having some time with just mummy this afternoon and that we were off to a cafe for her first hot chocolate and some cake.

We took Mia to nursery and then walked to the cafe. She was so excited walking there and kept saying that she loved mummy and elle time. The cafe is the sweetest little place. I just love it there. If i was allowed, this is how i would decorate my whole house! Full of shabby chic and vintage decor and mismatched wooden distressed tables with floral cusions on all the chairs. Elle loved it too.

It was so nice to have that time with her. We havent had any alone time out together since Mia has been born and i really would like to try and make this a regular thing.

I snapped a few iphone pictures of the day.



  1. Oh it looks lovely, I like the little hanging pot of flowers in the corner.
    Great you girls got to spend time together. I so love having tea and cake in little craft or coffee shops & hope to get back to it next year. I'm sure I shall feel stronger and be able to again.
    Love kat x

  2. What a nice afternoon. Gorgeous cafe! And Elle has a very cool dolly.
    It would be good to have a regular "Elle & Mummy" time - good for both of you. Maybe her daddy would oblige, once the Panto season is over? After all, then he'd get "Daddy and Mia" time! (and then you'd have to swap sometimes, so he'd have "Daddy and Elle" time!)



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