Saturday 17 December 2011

Our not so perfect gingerbread house.

Day 16. Lets make a gingerbread house.

This was the first time i have ever ever made gingerbread let alone a gingerbread house. In hindsight, i wish i had made up the gingerbread the night before as i ended up having a huge panic in the kitchen when i ran out of ginger and a frantic call to my husband who calmed me down and told me to make the second batch up the same but without adding ginger. He is a darling and i should really have thought that myself but when i get myself in a state, i just go blank and panic!

I made up the shapes and Elle had her little bag of sweets she picked out that she wanted to use to decorate her house. We even had white sugar mice to live inside.

So here is our house. It is slightly burnt in parts, part of the roof is cracked, the back of the house is cracked but it is our house and we love it all the same. This is completely going to be a tradition now and maybe next year, our house will be alot better but i am quite proud of this one and Elle just loves it! It is sitting proudly in the middle of our dining room table.



  1. I think it's really cute! Well done!

  2. It is charming even with all it's imperfections. :) You do such fun things with your wee ones.

  3. So sweet, and simple. Ours will probably be covered in candy, haha.

  4. Oh! It's beautiful! I've never made one either. I'd love to try and make one. I think it's charming!

  5. aahh that is lovely, I kept the pattern from our bought gingerbread house last year and am going to attempt making one this week with the kids. Wish me luck x

  6. thank you everyone for your kind comments x



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