Tuesday 29 November 2011


Today, we went to our frist ever christmas farm!

It was so so windy! When we parked up and opened the doors, we all quickly shut them again. After bracing outselves, we stepped out and it was lovely. A little farm down a little lane. There was also a petting stables for Elle to visit. She loved the donkeys and all the stalls had tinsel around them so the animals looked particularly festive! We visited the christmas shop and Elle picked out some decorations for her own little tree she has in her room now. We found some pine cones which i have strung up across the mirror above the fireplace. I shall be doing a post during the week showing you all our finished decorations.

This is completely a new family tradition now and something we will be doing every year with the girls. I already cannot wait for next year as Mia will be old enough to see the animals and help pick the tree!

(You can see how windy it was!!)

(Yes, that is Gilles and Elle having a high five moment!)


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  1. Elle resembles her daddy so much. You and your family are so beautiful. <3 :) Thanks for making me smile.



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