Monday 28 November 2011


How oh how am i going to manage two full days every week away from BOTH of these faces!!!
Next week, my maternity leave ends and i have to return to work two days a week. Elle already goes to nursery on those two days. She started when i returned to work after having her and when i left to have Mia, we thought it best to keep her in as she loves going so much and has some lovely friends.

So from next week, Mia will be going aswell. I honestly do not know how i will deal with this!! I love the people i work with and i am looking forward to seeing them all but leaving both my girls and Mia is soooo little still?

This mummy guilt doesnt get any easier. I so wish we were lucky enough for me to be able to stay at home and be with them all day every day but we need me to work those hours or otherwise we will not be able to survive on just Gilles's wage.

This makes me even more determined to get my vintage shop up and running. I have a few items for the shop but i cannot really spend out on anymore until christmas is over and we have sorted out our finances. I can then start searching again and planning the launch.

I am thankful though that i have five full days with my two fairies and i am going to make them as special and loving as i can!



  1. I love that second picture :) the look on her face made me smile

  2. Thank you Jodi. It was her first time on a swing and I think she might have liked it :)

  3. Try not to feel guilty. You are doing the best for them and you will be with them the rest of the week. You certainly have an eye for lovely things, so forge ahead with the shop. You would be great at the styling and pics too. x

  4. The shop will be amazing. january will come by so quickly now december is soon upon us. your very brave xxx

  5. It's true that you are doing your best for your babies. I remember the Mummy Guilt when I went back to work. It is hard, but you do cope, really you do. Mia will enjoy nursery, as it's only 2 days a week - she will be with other little people of her age and make some friends, like Elle did. It's a good nursery too - I'm sure they will be good to Mia, as they are to Elle.

    I'll keep an eye out for any good vintage things, for your shop. XX

  6. Oh it's so hard isn't it/ We've reached the stage where I have to go back too. Just trying to work out what to do for the best is giving me a headache.

    Love the idea of your vintage shop.

  7. Would love you to link this to my Tuesday Tea and Sympathy linky
    (hope you don't mind the invite!)

  8. Thanks for linking up. Hope it's not as bad as you think. It's always just getting the first day over with.

  9. Sending strength your way, I'm sure you'll be fine but I'm still sorry for you!



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