Monday 31 October 2011

Halloween cupcakes

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you have all had a lovely day. I spent it baking and pumpkin carving with the girls followed by a family dinner here and a little party. Elle was a ladybug!

We didnt have a single trick or treater though! Elle was so upset. She had all the sweets in a bowl at the front door waiting and kept looking out of the window saying "mummy, where are the people coming to get the sweets?" But she was soon distracted by her cousin coming and they just ran around all evening.



  1. simply precious! a very sweet and happy halloween to you and yours! : )

  2. Fab cakes - I love the little bow toppers - so cool!
    Sorry Elle's visitors didn't come - I suppose you're in a funny spot, being right by the road etc... If you want, you can bring her here next time and J. will help her give out sweeties (and take her round a couple of houses to Trick or Treat for herself!). 'Lexie can come too...

  3. Really simple and cute.

    I'm stopping by from the followers fest.
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  4. What a major bummer that you got no trick or treaters!!! I am so sorry! I only got a few and I was really bummed, too. We bought 5 huge bags of candy and only went through the better part of one... and that was only cause I was handing out huge handfuls. :0( Sad.

    Love the cupcakes, and the bows!



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