Friday 28 October 2011

A kind heart

Today, a true kind heart sent my girls this wonderful book. The darling Viola from Miss flying V emailed me to say she had this book and could she send it to me as a gift for Elle and Mia. I am beyond grateful to her and its little deeds like this that make you realise there are some genuinely lovely people in this world.

Thank you so much sweetheart for the heartfelt gift. Me and the girls love it and i just know it is going to be a new bedtime favourite!




  1. It is a lovely book. How kind to send it to you, all that way!
    It is lovely when someone does something kind for you, just because they want to!

  2. what a sweet looking book! i'm a new follower from the followers fest, nice to meet you :)

  3. :) <3 I'm so happy you all like it!


  4. Hello! I found your blog through the Follower Fest going on at Casey's. I'm now a follower of your blog too. That book looks soo cute!! Wish I had a little girl to read it too now. lol!

    Digger ~xoxo~

  5. Wow, your blog has such an amazingly romantic vibe. I am now following from Followers Fest. Also, I checked out your etsy shop...I will be ordering some prints from you this week.



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