Wednesday 2 November 2011

Free prints

I have been neglecting my photography and passion for a long time now. I seem to have just lost the fire and having two little fairies is taking up all my time.
After a lovely conversation with a dear friend today, i realised that it is something i love and always have loved and that i really want to start doing shoots again and i hope to do a e-course at the beginning of next year that i have wanted to do for a years now by one of my favourite photographers!

Tomorrow, i am going to be going out to do a shoot. I havent gone out with just myself and my tripod (and a baby in a buggy!) since before having Mia and i am excited to get out and start shooting all these ideas i have!

I havent really talked that much about my photography here and i would love to talk maybe a little bit AND offer a lovely offer to you all.

Photography is something i would love love love to take further. My equipment isnt the best now and i really do need a new lens as i just have the kit lens and a portrait prime lens so i dont have the best set up but i hope to save hard and buy the one i will need. And maybe in 50 years time, i might be able to afford to upgrade my camera too!
I have never taken a single lesson and i am completely self taught. I am so excited about finally taking a course soon and learning all the things i need to learn and gain all the skills i am going to need to evolve my work.

I sell my work through etsy and i would love to offer everyone a buy one print and get 5 smaller prints free. Thats right!!! So if you order any small, large or set of prints in my shop, you can then choose any 5 of the prints in my shop to have as free 6x4 prints. All you have to do, is at the checkout, write in the "notes to seller" with your choice of prints.

Here is my shop. I am nearly at 100 sales in my shop!!



  1. beautiful! headed over to your shop right now :) also- love your kiddos names!

  2. I can see your skill and passion for photography in the photos that aren't apart of shoots! I think they are just as important and as much apart of your creative life as the shoots (and just as good!), so don't beat yourself up about it. With as many beautiful photos you take on a regular basis, I'd hardly say you are neglecting it!

    And though learning the technical skills is very important (you have to learn the rules to break them!), so many "photographers" think that is all there is, or at least seem to. You know, the people on Flickr who have super duper cameras and equipment and take "technically" good looking photos and do all that HD stuff...but their photos lack....heart & soul, which you can't learn and good aesthetics (choosing subjects & framing shots). Please don't compare yourself to these "professionals". Anyhoo...getting off my soapbox! But you have such a natural talent and distinct style, I'd hate for you to feel pressured into doubting yourself over technical stuff to conform to what some other people think is "good photography". But learning new skills to explore your talent and creativity in more ways...that is wonderful and I am excited for you!



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