Thursday 18 August 2011

Sponsor for free

I am offering sponsorship on my blog for FREE! I am so grateful to everyone for your wonderful comments on my blog and would love to offer free ad space on the side of my blog for other lovely blogs/websites and shops.
This blog means so much to me now. I am such a creative person and this blog is a huge outlet. It inspires me to do what i love. I could easily spend all my free time sitting on the sofa, watching television or just sleeping but knowing i have somewhere to share what i do, i am motivated to start up things i used to have such passion for and to try things i have always wanted to do and never really had the motivation to try or start.

I have lots of new sections planned for this blog to motivate me to continue being "me" and not just a mum. To me, this blog is like a scrapbook of inspiration for me now. I also get to talk to other blogger mummies who love crafting, photography and creating. I get to read about their days and see how they create and use abit of that inspiration to inject in my every day life. I have read about different ideas and projects i can do with the girls, see how other mummies spend their time with their little ones. I also love being able to document special days with my girls so they can read when they are bigger.

If you would love to have a link on my little blog, please comment here or email me at gingerlillytea{at}

Also, it is Elle's birthday coming up in september. I would love to celebrate it on my blog. She is going to be a whole three years old!
So how about a party week? yes? maybe some giveaways? YES? You are all invited so stay reading :)

AND, last but not least. The winner for the shabby life giveaway is..... MANDY! well done sweetheart.

I will send you an email. Thank you to eveyone who entered.

If you would like to offer a giveaway for my party week in september, please send me an email! i am looking to do a huge group giveaway and will give plently of promotion. If you are looking for information on my stats, then please just send me an email :)



  1. I'd love a spot! I'm glad you love blogging so much! It's so fun! :)

  2. Oooh, I would as well please! x

  3. I'd love a spot but I don't have a button yet, so I've just added your button to my blog instead!:)

  4. I too would love to have a spot on your blog !!!!

  5. I would LOVE a spot on your blog! It would just make my day. :)

  6. Party week, oh yeah!!! :0)

  7. Wow 3 years old, where does the time go :-( Esme will be 4 this year , i want to stop time !

    I think I have a bloggy link on your blog but the photo (of us on the beach) is linked to someone elses blog. I must try and sort some links out on my blog.

    Can't wait for the party to begin xxx

  8. oh sorry darling!! i have changed the link to your blog. no idea how i managed to link that wrong :s

  9. I would LOVE to be a part of your beautiful space!!! You have such a beautiful family and your photos are so magical! Let me know what you will need! Have a great weekend!

  10. I'd love a spot! You have such a great blog. :)

  11. I noticed that you just have the 'banner' at the top of my blog as my banner on the right sidebar of your blog. I sent you an email (not sure if it was the correct address) with my actual blog banner !!! I am just writing to make sure you got it ! :)

  12. hello darling! no, i didnt receive an email from you? can you send it to

  13. Hi Keri-Anne :)

    I'd love to have a spot too! I'll email you details, perhaps we can swap and I'll list you in my sponsors too!

  14. I would love to have a spot! I just came across your blog today. Maybe it's because I have all bpys, but I am in love with your pictures of all your fun adventures with your daughters!



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