Wednesday 17 August 2011

Belle and Boo

One of my favourite online shops is Belle and Boo. Mandy's illustrations are so whimiscal and perfect for children (and adults too!). I have lots of Belle and Boo items scattered around the house and there are so many things i could spend my pennies on in the shop! I am desperate for the new lunch box and dinner set in the ava and the teaparty print.
I wrote a post a while ago about Ava's rule. Mandy has done a whole product series based around "Ava's teaparty". I wish i owned the whole collection! One day i will.

  (Elle's prints in her room)



  1. Wow, gorgeous stuff! Its definitely unique and pretty! <3 it!

  2. You have got to be kidding me! This is the second time you've high-lighted an etsy shop that I also LOVE! Awhile back I obsessed over Belle and Boo's prints...I never did buy one though. And then I forgot all about her shop until you brought it up here on your blog. Thank you! Yay! I must rush on over there and see if she still has any of my old favorites. Her illustrations are perfect for a child's room.
    Okay, I am waaaaay too enthusiastic right now. lol!!

  3. I love Belle and boo stuff but just wish I had enough money to buy some of the items, they are gorgeous!



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