Sunday 28 August 2011

Blackberry picking

Today, we went blackberry picking and for a picnic with my sister in law, Vik, and the girls. It was a perfect morning. The sun shined the whole time and Elle was just the most exciteable little girl with her basket! We are going to make a yummy blackberry pie this week.

Dear Elle,
You amaze me more and more everyday. You were just so happy today looking for the blackberries and stroking the horses. I love how you kept finding fairies and making wishes. You are such a nature girl like your mummy, and mummy loves it!
Thank you for making me smile so much today.



  1. Oh these pictures are fabulous! A perfect scene in every one of them. Your little ones are gorgeous. We are waiting patiently for the rain to stop so we can pick ours! I love your blog by the way. Just found it so off to have a proper look around it.

  2. These pictures are so beautiful; they look like a dream!
    btw, I added a link to one of your blog to my latest post. Hope that's ok with you :) If not, pls let me know!

    Have a nice Sunday!

  3. What beautiful photos, looks like a truly magical morning!!

  4. Really sweet and beautiful pictures. i'm sure that blackberry pie will taste great :)

  5. Just perfect, you have the most lovely family ever xxx

  6. Beautiful photos! Save some pie for me! ;0) XOXO

  7. Gorgeous post!!!

    I love how you can paint life in a way that makes it seem enchanting and old-fashioned again -- so easy to get disillusioned with the way the world might seem now, but you bring a lot of magic back.


  8. Lovely. You have a nice photography style :)
    Glad i found your blog



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