Tuesday 30 August 2011

a thank you

I wanted to take a little time to thank all of the people who continue to read and support this blog. I set it up four months ago now and i have met such wonderful people through here. I want to thank the people for all the wonderful comments about my family and when i asked for advice and help, thats exactly what i got.

This is such a positive thing for me. Having a place that i can share what i do with my beautiful family and share what i create and have passions for. I feel so blessed right now and to feel that people care about what i do and what i have to say is overwhelming.
It has actually inspired me to be a better person. It has inspired me to be someone who isnt just a mum. Being a mum to me is the best part of me and the best job in the world, but you can loose who you are and loose sight of what you love to do. I am beginning to find myself again and i am working on that guilt feeling that overcomes when you take time out to do something for yourself instead of your babies.

When does that guilty feeling ever go away?

Starting in september, i am going to try and give back as much as i can. I have a lot of lovely sponsors on the right sidebar and i will be featuring posts of these lovely people. It isnt too late to be a sponsor for my blog.
Its FREE. Please go to this post.

I am also still looking for people to offer giveaways for my party week in september. Elle will be turning 3 so the week will be just one big party!! Please email me gingerlillytea@yahoo.co.uk if you would love to participate :)



  1. Hi, so nice to hear your positive comments about blogging. I've just started myself and loving it so far - there are so many more great folk out there, I'm looking forward to 'meeting' some of them! LOVE the blackberry picking photos too!

  2. Just remember you will be a better Mum if you are a happy Mum and that means doing things for you aswell as the kiddies. The guilt never goes away, that button switches firmly on as soon as you give birth :-) x

  3. I will make something for your giveaway!

    About that guilt feeling...I don't think it goes away completely, ever. I don't know for sure though, my oldest is only 5. But I DO know that time for yourself is necessary for your well being.. so take it!

  4. Thank you! You provide a place where I can relate to the ups and downs of motherhood. The guilt feeling is something we all struggle with but it is so important for us mummies to be fufilled and happy so we can lead by example to our little beautiful babies :) xxx

  5. Hi lovely,

    I have been reading your blog from Australia. Mama to 11 month old Lola, I love taking a few moments each day (usually while bub is sleeping) to read your words.
    Its nice to share other mamas stories, ups and downs, adventures & tea parties! Your girls are just stunning.

    keep up with this special passion of yours.

    Much love & laughter, ash x



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