Saturday 27 August 2011

baker girl

Today, in our little house, more cupcakes were baked. I want Elle to grow up knowing about baking and today she sat at the breakfast bar and she did her own cupcakes. She picked out the cases she wanted, scooped her own mix into them and then we popped them into the oven. She helped me mix up the icing colour to the exact pink that she wanted and then she picked out all the decorations she wanted.
I made her up a piping bag of the icing and showed her how to squeeze it. "its ok mummy, i CAN do it you know". I have a very strong willed little lady here!
So i left her to it and she piped all four of her cakes and decorated them. i was so proud of her. The cakes were perfect and she was so excited to be able to copy what mummy was doing and she had her own cakes that she made and decorated.
She called in her daddy all excited! So i think i have a little baker/cake decorator on my hands. This is definatly something we will be doing now when i bake in the kitchen.
Here is one of her cakes.

And here are the cakes i made today! We are going for a picnic with my sister in law tomorrow and then blackberry picking, so i made up some cakes for the picnic.

Its quite hard to see, but i did two tone icing. A very pale pink and the more of a rose pink. i wanted quite a subtly change within the icing.


  1. Ok, I'm a 28 year-old woman and I can't do THAT!
    You little girl is an artist, honey :P

  2. What a very talented little girl!! And such a nice way to spend the afternoon with your daughter! So sweet!

  3. If I tried to make that cupcake it would not look anything like it. That's amazing!

    x x x



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