Sunday 3 July 2011

creating memories: 1

Part of the main reason for creating this new blog (i have another blog, gingerlillytea) was to document memories that i have of days with the girls, my husband and my family. I have some really lovely days and sometimes i just forget to take pictures or make a note of what happened and then the memories become hazy and it makes me sad. Last summer, every evening after dinner, Elle and i would walk around the lake near my house. We would talk about the swans, the different types of flowers and if we got the timing right, we could see the hot air balloon take off from the nearby field. Looking back at my albums from those months, i have hardly any pictures and i really wish i had!

I am starting a new section on my blog which will be a post full of pictures to document a lovely day or event that i have had. This evening, we went around the lake. Mia in her moby wrap and Elle walking. Now the lake is a twenty minute walk away and then the lake itself is huge followed by the walk back again! Poor Elle kept sitting down in tears "telling" me that her legs were far too tired. That will teach me for not taking the buggy!

So here is our lovely evening.

                                                          (the rainbows she drew into the path)



  1. awsome pictures! hope I'll also be able to enjoy these important little moments when i have children...

  2. This pictures are so lovely. I wish I had a setting like that near me but i live in the heart of the city.



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