Tuesday 5 July 2011

treasure hunting

Today, i took the girls along the canal. Elle and i had drawn up a treasure list of things to find on our walk.
I could have drowned in pride when an elderly couple stopped us to tell me how wonderful it is to see a little girl so interested in nature. They said i am a wonderful mummy and then Elle picked the lady a flower and gave it to her. I was so proud at how polite and kind she was. She then waved and said goodbye and skipped off down the path. She amazes me everyday and she is growing into such an amazing little thing.



  1. What an adorable video!!! Love the little pink dress:) Isn't it great to get complimented on what a good other you are? Makes my day:)

  2. awww. so precious! She is right you know. Far to many kids have been missing out on mother nature, It's so nice to see kids enjoying the outdoors!

    your babies are too cute! Love all the pictures and video. keep them coming!

  3. Lovely Keri-Anne - just lovely!

  4. With a mummy who loves nature Elle is most definately going to as well. :)
    Love her hat! And the video is adorable - great to see where you go to the canal - it was nice to see the water & birds, since i cant get to ours at the minute. And what's the track - sounds like Aurevoire Simone but I didn't recognise that song?
    Kat x

  5. thank you everyone

    Kat, the song is windows by Elle Graham x

  6. Thank you hunni
    I shall seek it out now
    And thank you for the email
    I shall reply there soon :)
    Have a lovely day tomorrow



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