Thursday 23 June 2011


Elle goes to nursery on a wednesday and a thursday so i have two days a week with just my tiny Mia. But th last two days have been me just nursing and nursing and nursing some more. Is 12/13 weeks a normal time for a baby to have such a growth spurt?
We got her into a routine of feeding every 3 to 4 hours and she would sleep from 7pm until 5am, have a feed and then sleep until 8 or 9am. Now she is waking around 11pm, 1am, 3am, 5am and then 7am. I am completely shattered. We visited an osteopath on tuesday to see if her being unsettled with her feeding and sleeping was to do with her flinging herself backwards last week after her injections and jarring her spine. The lady said she had a lot of tension in her spine and she worked on Mia and took that tension away. She i alot more relaxed and comfatable now but the feeding and sleeping is wearing me out.


how can i really complain when i get to wake up every morning to her little face

no matter how sore i am or how tired i am, i just look at this little face. Her huge blue eyes and her funny double chin and huge cheeks and my heart swells. I seem to have forgotten these little things about Elle and i just want to hold on to them so closely now. Tomorrow, she will be three months. Three months!!! The days are going so so fast and i just cannot keep up.

Adding to this all, i want to thank everyone who has started following me and leaving me wonderful comments. It is so lovely to just know that people are reading these ramblings i type. I am having a problem with commenting on some blogs. When it asks to me commnt under my google account, it takes me to the log in page. i log in, it takes me back to the comment box, i comment and press save and then it will take me straight back to the log in page again. It wont let me comment. The only time i can comment is if it allows me to do it using name and url. There are some lovely blogs i am desperate to comment on and share my thoughts but google is just being abit silly and not letting me at the moment!



  1. I have read the babies can go through a growth spurt at 3 months. As a matter of fact, Elle seemed to have the same habits you're describing at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. Although it can be quite a challenge, I think it's perfectly normal. And I agree, that little face is too sweet!

  2. Yup! Growth spurts at 6 and 12+ weeks are very normal... sorry! Eat well, drink plenty of water, try to relax and forget about housework... see if you can get out for a stroll, even if it means sitting in a corner, under a tree, with a coat over your feeding infant! (but sit somewhere that's not too isolated, for your own safety -people won't know you are feeding, if you're covered up) Babies do tend to grow in "spurts", as you have already noticed with Elle. Mia might feed & feed, then suddenly grow a whole inch or something - that's what James did (and in fact he still does something similar - he'll eat us out of house & home, then his trousers are suddenly too short!)

  3. Keri-Anne,
    i was having the exact same problem commenting on blogs when using Internet Explorer. i switched my browser over to Google Chrome and it's working no problem for me now! i'm not sure if that's any help?

    Loving your blog & your beautiful girls. <3



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