Tuesday 21 June 2011

dont sit under the apple tree

Yesterday, i photographed a shoot collaboration between a few friends of mine. Little Elle, my neice Alexie and a little girl called Hollie were the models. We had such a lovely day and to make the setting even more perfect, there was a group of amateur dramatics rehearsing nearby and they kept playing "dont sit under the apple tree" by the andrew sisters. All the girls kept jumping up and dancing and i have such funny outtake pictures of them! My husband made me up the tent using the tutorial from Ruby Ellen over at Cakies

Dresses made and provided by Helen at Hollie in bloom
Jewellery made and provided by Sophie at Lottie's Locket
Headwear made and provided by Emma at Wee Tootie

These are just a few of my favourites. I am so pleased how the shoot played out. The girls had such a lovely time and so did us adults!



  1. These are gorgeous and wonderful photos! I do wish I had been there too. The girls are all very sweet and pretty; you really did justice to the wonderful dresses, jewellery and head-wear made by your friends.

  2. These photos blow me away. Just beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous photos and GORGEOUS models. I think you would do an amazing "wonderland" theme for little Elle's third birthday, and you already have a tea set! p.s. I love that tent you made, I need to make one.

  4. Keri-Anne, this shoot is just perfect in so many ways. You must be so pleased with how it all went and the end results. Are the girls going to use your images for promotional material?
    Alexie is has grown so much hasn't she! she is like a little angel and Elle and Hollie like little fairies scampering around the trees.
    I shall do a blog post on these soon, and include all the girls links. The items they make are so pretty.
    Love Kat x
    Ps great news about the seeing machine!

  5. What an adorable photo shoot, gorgeous!

  6. Oh and the girls are just sooo cute, love the little ones red hair (mind you I am slightly biase having red hair myself lol).

  7. Your little Fairies are magical beautiful!!! Wonderful dreamy photos!!!!!!!

  8. Beautiful fairies!! lovely pictures..



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