Friday 24 June 2011

three months

Dear Mia,

Today you are three months and after mama's tired little rambling yesterday, you celebrated by sleeping 7pm-3am and then sleeping until 7am and THEN having a little nap (because of course you needed it!) until 9am. I cannot thank you enough. Your sister helped your mummy with the 3am feeding by stroking your hair and telling me how little and pretty you are. I agree! She had a night terror and likes to be inbetween her mummy and daddy when she is feeling sad.
You are being so funny. Your little squeals make my heart melt. When you are on your changing table now, you put your feet on the bottom on the mat and push yourself backwards! I think i am going to have to bring the table away from the wall before you hurt your little head.
You are the most curious little thing! Those huge blue eyes just want to take in the whole world. You cannot look in one place for too long before you have to look the other way, just to check you are not missing out on anything exciting. You stare at peoples faces for forever. I think you are going to be a dreamer like just your mama.

You give the biggest smiles to your sister. I can see the bond all ready and i cant tell you how excited i am to see you two grow up together. I hope you are best friends like me and your aunty caroline are. I dont think you realise how much fun you are going to have and how many amazing advetures we are all going to go on as you get bigger and bigger. Your first time to the seaside, your first time to the zoo. It will all happen so soon.

I looked at your sweet little face this morning and greeted you by saying "hello beautiful little princess pea". It is what i used to call yor sister and completely forgot until i just said it at that moment. You remind me so much of her. Not looks wise, but your personality. She and you are such little characters and always have huge smiles on your faces. I could never stop Elle from smiling and it seems i will have the same with you! You make everyday so much more better just by your little smile.

When i was pregnant with you, i worried and worried about how i could love another person as much as i love your sister. I was so scared that i couldnt give you enough love or there wouldnt be enough to give you but i shouldn't have worried as the love is just growing and growing and i think i actually have too much love now. I just dont know what to do with it sometimes. It makes my tummy flip when i think of you both.

Well my darling little 3 month old. Lets have a lovely day today. The sun is shining so brightly and we are going to see your friend Arthur.

Mummy loves you so so much,

Mama xx


  1. oh Keri-anne, this is so beautiful its made cry!!! It really has, it is just beautiful, and as are your daughters, and i really hope one day to have my own that I love as much as you love yours
    x x

  2. "princess pea" ohhhh how adorable.
    This makes me a bit baby hungry.

    & i love her headband ♥



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