Friday 20 May 2011

inside Mia's wardrobe part 1

I have a little obbession with ebay, charity shops and vintage stores. I try to find as much of mine and the girls clothes as i can from them. Its just amazing what treasures you find and for cheap!
I also have a little obbession with baby rompers! i went on a bit of a mad ebay spree the other day to find Mia some little rompers for the summer. Here are two i managed to score for 99p each!

i dont think a girl can have too many rompers. i wish i could find some lovely ones in Elle's size. Tomorrow morning, i think i shall go and have a look around the charity shops to see what i can find.

Tomorrow is going to be such a lovely day. My brother has a cricket match and we are going to do a picnic tea and go and watch him. I am rather excited as when i was little, my dad playd cricket every weekend and i have such lovely memories of watching him play and now Elle and Mia get to spend time watching their uncle play.


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