Sunday 22 May 2011


I wanted to share my little hobby. My photography. I dont really have time now for my photography but i still have such a passion for it and i am proud of my acheivements so far. I have been featured in 15 magazines and on many websites/blogs. I have also had some photographs featured on single and album covers as artwork :) I feel so honoured that people like my work that much to want to feature it.

In the future, i will take my photography somewhere, i am sure. It is something i really would love to do with my life aswell a being a mummy to my beautiful girls.

One of my latest projects is to produce photographs designed for children/babies nurseries. I have a set of my bluebell prints here in my little Mia's room.

In the future, i would love to concentrate on photographs for children. It allows me to bring out memories of my own childhood and also see life through the eyes of my two girls. Capturing magical scenes and moments that an adult might miss but that a child would be fasinated by.

Here are a few links to some of my photography work.


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  1. your photography is truely wonderful. and how can you forget your photography on cd covers!! :)




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