Wednesday 11 May 2011

buttercup picnics

Yesterday, i went with my very good friend and her two boys on a picnic at the abbey. There is a tree there that is surrounded by buttercups and bluebells. Every time i go to the abbey, i visit that tree. I have had dozens of picnics right there and also a surpirse birthday teaparty there last year.
Elle and Baxter ran through the buttercups together. It is just so lovely to see them playing. They are such good friends.

Today, Mia and i had our 6 week doctors check up. Everything is fine with me but Mia is being sent for an ultrasound on her hip as when the doctor rolled the hips out to see how they moved, one was stiff and wouldnt roll out. He said it was just a precuation so i am keeping everthing crossed that it all turns out ok. i am the worst worrier and he actually told me off today for worrying too much!!

I have also started my exercise regime back up now i have hit the 6 week mark. My aim is to do an hour of cardio three times a week and then make sure everyday i do power walking. I am also starting to make healthier choices in food and hoping i can get back to my pre pregnancy weight pretty soon. Since coming out of the hosptial, i have already lost a stone :)

Now, i must go and have cuddles with my girls as their daddy will be home soon and will hog all the cuddles!!!




  1. Hoping everything is okay with Mia's little hip! Positive thoughts coming your way!

  2. Good that the doctor is taking good care of you both - he's a good man! I'm sure they will sort out whatever is making Mia's hip stiff; it may be nothing - just a hiccup, or it may just need a bit of physio or mummy-massages! You could try gentle massage anyway (or come & see Jo).



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