Thursday 12 May 2011

7 weeks

Mia is now 7 weeks. We celebrated this by a 5am wake up. It was lovely though. The birds were singing and the sun was already shining through the window. Mia was cooing away and trying her hardest to giggle. We had a little talk and her daddy kept waking every now and then to give her kisses. She kept reaching out to touch and play with his arm. She has discovered his tattoo. And this is exactly what Elle did too when she was tiny. She used to reach out to touch it also.

I see so much of Elle in Mia. Their personalities are so alike. Mia is so alert and wide eyed. She takes in everything silently and watches people intently. She loves the eidelweiss lullaby, the same as her sister did. Her hair is getting lighter. I am hoping she has the same hair as her sister but i think it might turn blonde.

So 7 weeks today. And we are going for a walk along the canal later followed by a trip to starbucks for a nice ice drink. Then we shall be fetching Elle from nursery and hearing all about her day on the walk home.

i love my family so so much.


  1. I was looking at those lovely, lovely photos and noticing how softly coloured her eyebrows and lashes are - I'm sure she will be fair, even if not the same colouring as Elle. She is very pretty and I love her big blue eyes!

  2. You are so so so incredibly lucky. Your family is beautiful. Not only in the love I can see you all have for one another, but your girls are so pretty! Red hair is my favorite, especially in little girls. I read somewhere that the gene that causes red hair will probably be extinct by 2060.
    At any rate.
    I hope that one day I can have a little family as adorable as yours. I'm getting married to a the most perfect man in two months so I suppose I'm already halfway there.





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