Thursday 26 May 2011

Best friends

My sister turned 22 today. She is such an amazing person and by far, my best friend! We have always been so close and i love her so much.
I took her shopping today to buy her this dress.

Of course, that is me in the picture being cheeky and trying on the dress too. I think i am going to have to buy myself it too! Its a gorgeous long maxi dress and my sister looked lovely in it earlier. We then went to costa for ice drinks and a little natter.

My sister is such a kind and caring person. She organised me a lovely baby shower when i was 36 weeks pregnant with Mia. It was a perfect day and i can't thank her enough for it.

When we were younger, we were always so close. When i was 11, we were seperated and i only got to see her once a week if i was lucky. We grew such a close bond and we have never argued once! Now we both have our girls. She has a one year old called Alexie who is such a beautiful little thing! I love sharing being a mummy with her and Elle and Alexie are best friends too! Its going to be so lovely seeing all three girls grow up together.

Happy birthday Caroline. I love you with all my heart. x



  1. Ah what a beautiful post and beautiful sister!
    Gorgeous dress too. Loving how your blog is blossoming
    Love Kat x

  2. Aaahhhh... Wonderful! You are both such special girls and your little people are lovely!
    Glad you had a nice day together - hope Caroline's birthday was fab!



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