Friday 27 May 2011

Fairy fashion

What the girls wore today.

Elle loves dressing up in her fairy and princess outfits. I found this tutu in a pound shop that came with some wings and a fairy wand. Little heart tights and (not that you can see) little frilly knickers over her tights. Teamed up with a little vest and cardigan. Perfect little princess.

Second hand jacket and new little lemon boots from next.

Little Mia is wearing one of my favourite dresses she owns. Elle has it also in her size. It came from h&m and didnt cost much atall! Teamed with flower tights and a very sweet little face!

I am thinking of doing alot more "fairy fashion" posts to show the girls wardrobes and just how adorable they both look. Would you all be interested in more posts like this?




  1. But, of course! They both look so sweet and pretty. Elle always does everything "fairy-fashion" anyway, so it's good that her outfits match her actions!
    Lovely photos, great post!

  2. Oh yes, please do! Your little fairies are just adorable. I love Elles little shoes,



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