Tuesday 24 May 2011

2 months!

oh my! Mia is 2 months today!! I am quite overwhelmed by how quickly it has gone, yet it seems like she has been here for ever! She is just a perfect little thing and has such a character already. So cheeky like her sister!
We had her ultrasound today on her hip as the doctor thought one of her hips was too stiff. After being called in an hour late, the ultrasound lasted 30 seconds followed by a "everythings fine, you can go home!". Well i was glad everything WAS fine but not about the ladies rudeness! I guess they dont realise how worrying something like that is and how i worked myself up in the waiting room listening for Mia's name to be called.
But it is over now, and i can just get back to enjoying her and her sister and not worrying anymore. I had images of plasters and metal rods and all sorts!

So Mia is 2 months. She now weighs 10lbs 4ozs and is just perfect. She can copy you when you stick your tongue out and copies making the rolling tongue sound. She has a huge grin that lights up her eyes and has the sweetest coo's.
Last night she celebrated turning 2 months by only waking once in the night for a feed and then sleeping through until 9am! thank you little lady. I hope we get the same tonight!

Here are some photographs of her first 2 months on this Earth.



  1. so sweet!
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  2. She's such a sweetie! Looking forward to seeing her - and you all - very soon! XXX



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