Sunday 5 September 2021

Mary Lennox


"In secret places we can think and imagine, we can feel angry and sad in peace. There is something to be said for just being, without worrying about offending anyone" - The Secret Garden

Never have I ever felt more like Mary Lennox than I did surrounded by sheep and clovers and long grasses. The cows in the distance, sleeping under the oak trees. Birds diving into the moat and the carp blowing air bubbles on top of the water. I watched a dear old lady push her husband around the garden in his wheelchair, both of them admiring the roses as they went. For such a magical place, there was hardly another soul about and it suited me just fine. Mimi sat by the oak tree, making bracelets and I read some pages of my book. Occasionally, we would be woken from our imaginations by the church bells and it made me smile. In fact, I smiled the whole time we were there!


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