Friday 27 August 2021

On Honey Hill


I had a rare adventure day to myself this week. I was going to go to the heather but when I woke, I really didn't fancy four hours of driving. There were lots of places near me that I have wanted to walk among and visit, so I did just that. I started off sitting next to an old church with a manor house in the distance. It is hidden away in a tiny hamlet and I spent a little while there. I read the grave stones and then I kept hearing a noise over by the gate in the graveyard. I thought I was about to experience my first ghost sighing but no, It was a little pig that belonged to the vicarage next door. 

I then drove for a little while to a place called Honey hill. I have never visited before and I was excited to sit on top of the hill. It is the highest point in my county and it really didn't disappoint. I didn't have a plan on what I would create but the more I explored on the hill, the more inspired I became. I took my book with me and sat on the top for a while to read. I then did a little filming amongst the beautiful scenery up there. Watching the kites flying above and hearing the buzzards in the oak tree. I didn't see a single person up there and felt like I was in my own world. 

I ended up creating a little film and hope you like it!


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