Tuesday 25 February 2020

Found treasure

A few years ago, I did a couple of posts on the treasures I found in vintage stores and charity shops. I love sharing what I find and a perfect day for me would be going around all the charity and vintage shops to look for lovely dresses and art work. I haven't share any of my latest finds in a while and I have found so many wonderful things!

These are all prints that I have picked up. I have fallen in love with country cottage art work and especially work by Helen Allingham. In the summer, I found some books in a National Trust book shop with her work in and since then, I have found a few pieces in charity shops by her and similar artists and I am in love!

Lots of wonderful finds!

-The Helen Allingham book I found. I did find some other books with her work in as well as other artists too but I don't seem to have a photograph and they are currently in storage so I will show them in my next found treasure post

-Some records. I am so in love with the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady book and I didn't even know there was a record! It is my favourite record now of all time!

- Some pretty plates. I love floral plates so much.

- A few treasures from a brocante fair

- Some old metal watercan's my mum picked me up at a farmers auction for my birthday.

- More botanical books because one can never have too many!

- The most beautiful rose bedding I ever did see!

Dresses and nightgowns. There were many more I found but haven't photographed which I shall also share in the next post update. As you can see, I love pastels and lace.



  1. Thank you for this lovely post. You really have found some wonderful treasures! We have very similar taste and the pictures in this post just make me happy! You are very lucky to find so many beautiful vintage dresses and nightgowns (that rose embroidered gown is just perfection!) I have resorted to taking up dressmaking in an attempt to fill my wardrobe full of beautiful floral dresses! I have a long way to go...

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