Monday 7 January 2019


We have lived in our current home for 10 years now. I love it. It is an old Victorian town house with wooden floors and old fireplaces. I always feel so cosy and happy here and I love creating features all around the house to reflect everything I love. I share my home on here alot and I love sharing ideas I have throughout the seasons on how I can change bits around. My house has botanical prints taped on the floors, flower crowns tied with ribbon hanging from nails and lace dresses with pretty fabric hangers.

About six months ago, we started to talk about whether we should move or not. We wanted to be out in a village and have a bigger garden. We started to look for places and found some we liked and were ready to view but then we had a bit of a spanner in the works and we have decided to stay in our current house for a little longer. As we were looking, I didn't really buy much for the house or have any plans to change things around but as soon as we made the decision to stay, I was straight back with the list making and I went on a few vintage shop trips to find treasures to display in the house. I wanted to share some of the things that I would like to change this year.

Bathroom - We have had the same bathroom since we moved in. We added a wall paper wall with some birds and birds cages on and I really want to change that as well as get a new bath. I would really love an old fashioned roll top bath and to add lots of hanging plants. I have written previously about my bathroom wishes here and I am already on the lookout for a few more botanical prints and some plants to add in. I love going to HomeSense and stocking up on their beautifully packaged soaps for display on my window sill and on the edge of the bath and I love finding old bottles and jars in charity shops to add in the flowers the girls and I pick on our adventures or some dried roses.

Protecting the house - One thing we are going to do this year is to add an alarm system to the house. This is on the top of the list. Gilles works away alot now with his business and It is often just me and the girls in the house. We have been burgled previously which made me feel very vulnerable and scared for a while.

Garden - Our garden is one thing that I really really want to work on. Last year, I wrote about wanting a greenhouse and my own potting area and I ended up finding a greenhouse for free online. I spent a lot of time in the summer in the greenhouse, growing and tendering to my flowers and Gilles grew lots of vegetables. The greenhouse does take up most of the garden and I got lots of potted roses to go around the edge as well as some climbers but our next door neighbours garden has a lot of bind weed which roots under our garden wall and grows up all across the garden. It is such a hard job over spring and summer to keep it at bay and it grows so quickly. If I don't get out to pull it up within a few days, it would have already started to wrap itself around my plants and my greenhouse panels. The only thing that I can really do is to dig up all around the edge of my greenhouse, treat the soil and then replant. It is going to be a tough job but I am looking forward to be able to replant and design the garden with flowers such as foxgloves, hollyhocks, lupins and delphiniums. I then want to sprinkle wild flower seeds all in the grass and create a beautiful cottage garden. I have been shopping for seeds on the Sarah Raven website and I cannot wait for them all to arrive. Gardening is so amazing for my mental health. BetterHelp also offers wonderful online services for mental health.

Wooden floors - Another top priority job is getting the carpet up in my bedroom. I have wanted wooden floors for the longest time and underneath our carpet is lovely dark boards. I have managed to persuade my husband after all these years to have wooden floors, as long as he can have a fluffy rug his side! We only have carpet on the stairs, landing and our room and my goal is to have completely wooden floors by the end of this year. I have never liked our carpet so I am very excited to rip it up and say goodbye to it!

Kitchen - Our kitchen is lovely. It is a big farmhouse style kitchen at the back of the house with an outhouse attached onto it where we store our wood logs. I have had a love to baking for years and I would love to spend more time in the kitchen. I would love to get lots of new appliances so I can do baking and pancake and waffle making in the mornings. I would love to get these waffle supplies from JM Posner.


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